Setting screen resolution in fvwm running ubuntu 12.04


I’m running the current fvwm from a Dell Latitude E6520 running ubuntu 12.04

I’m trying to change my screen resolution in fvwm, using the display icon from the gnome-control-center. I get the following error

When I do the same thing from within the gnome desktop manager, everything works fine, so it’s not a simple path problem.

Any advice would be appreciated

Thanks, Leo

I think you need to start the gnome-settings-daemon before starting fvwm in order to use the gnome-control-center.

Or maybe actual session management:

Thanks packrat for the quick reply. Could you please explain a bit more explicitly how to start the daemon before fvwm? Currently the process of calling fvwm is hidden behind a greeter gui which gives me a dropdown from which I can select either fvwm or ubuntu. So I don’t know from where I would start the daemon, or the command that would do it. Maybe in /etc/gdm/custom.conf?


I assume you mean that your choices are fvwm or gnome and that you’re running Ubuntu.

You will need to create a custom startup script for fvwm and start that from the gdm login manager.

The gdm startup files are usually located in /usr/share/xsessions - you should have a fvwm.desktop and gnome.desktop file there.

There should be some examples on the Ubuntu forums on how to customize those for Ubuntu. I am not sure if the gnome-settings-daemon can be started from the StartFunction in the fvwm config file.

I used to start gnome-settings-daemon from my Fvwm configuration file which worked fine back when I did it. This is quite a few years ago mind you, but I don’t see why that should no longer work. Worth a try at least.

You can still start gnome-settings-daemon in your fvwmrc. I use it in Ubuntu 13.10