Setting the background, and xrdb.

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Thanks for the .torsmorc file :wink:
A couple of other questions:
For setting the background, I’m, trying to use Esetroot instead of fvwm-crystal.habak (which I don’t have on my system) and have found two references one in Variables the other in Startup and while I’m able to set the wallpaper it is not writing it to .LastChosenwallpaper so I have to set the wallpaper on each start of fvwm.

Also for some strange reason, .Xresources is not being referenced and I have to run xrdb -load ~/.Xresources in order to have my aterm & mrxvt as I like them on each start of fvwm. Why is that?


How are you starting it? I’d just add it to your StartFunction:

+ I Exec exec esetroot --whatever -options filename.png

Because -load is not persistent. What you should do is in your ~/.xsession file (assuming you use startx or a Display Manager which recognises that file) add the line:

xrdb -merge ~/.Xdefaults

before you exec fvwm, of course.

– Thomas Adam

Thanks for the tips. I’m trying to figure out how blmartin777’s config sets wallpapers, so I can use the menu to select and set wallpaper. To be more precise, I’m trying to figure out how he sets the file .LastChosenWallpaper as I’m able to select and apply wallpapers, just not write & read that file yet.

Splitting the config file into multiple files may make it easier for maintaining but it is a little more tricky to decipher someone else’s work :wink:

I was also trying to figure out why with his fvwm config the .Xresources file is not referenced (or overridden). I don’t have this issue with the other configs I use. Adding xrdb to my .xinitrc works, but I want to understand what his config is doing different.