Several very fast, very easy questions for a first timer

So I’m a first time FVWM user (actually using crystal). There have just been a few small snags I’ve run into.

The first thing is how do I restart fvwm from the CLI. Occasionally (esp after changing a config file or launching certain programs) I lose the ability to left click on the desktop and bring up various menus. I know how to stop/start Gnome, but just don’t know the command for fvwm.

Second thing-- how/where can/do I set a default screensaver (xlock)?

Third-- I currently have a panel I’ve made using FvwmButtons but the icons are on top of each other rather than evenly spread across the bar. Here is the relevant portion of the config file:

[code]# Dock, applications panel and menu generator {{{1
All (ApplicationPanel) Close
DestroyModuleConfig ApplicationPanel: *
*ApplicationPanel: ActiveColorset $[cs-panel-active]
*ApplicationPanel: Colorset $[cs-panel-inactive]
*ApplicationPanel: Rows 1
*ApplicationPanel: Columns 5
*ApplicationPanel: Frame 0
*ApplicationPanel: (1x1, Icon /usr/share/pixmaps/firefox.png Action(Mouse 1) Exec /opt/automatix/swiftweasel/swiftweasel)
*ApplicationPanel: (1x2, Icon /usr/share/pixmaps/thunderbird.png Action(Mouse 1) Exec /opt/automatix/swiftdove/swiftdove)
*ApplicationPanel: (1x3, Icon /usr/share/pixmaps/pidgin-menu.xpm Action(Mouse 1) Exec pidgin)
*ApplicationPanel: (1x4, Icon /usr/share/pixmaps/vlc.png Action(Mouse 1) Exec vlc)
*ApplicationPanel: (1x5, Icon /usr/share/pixmaps/ktorrent.xpm Action(Mouse 1) Exec ktorrent)

$[ApplicationPanelLength] is set by fvwm-crystal.apps, contains the number

of the buttons on the panel

#PipeRead ‘echo SetEnv FvwmButtons-Panel-Width $(($[ApplicationPanelLength]*40))’
#PipeRead 'echo *ApplicationPanel: Geometry 480x48-800+0

Module FvwmButtons -g 480x64-800+0 ApplicationPanel[/code]

I’m sure it’s a simple fix… what’s going on here?

Another somewhat strange, but probably not appropriate issue-- Thunderbird appears to have somehow lost its settings in fvwm(accounts are correct, but missing extensions, calendars, local archive folders) though Firefox has retained all of its settings…

Thanks guys!

“fvwm --replace” atleast tries to take over the previously running wm, maybe it works for you? What I usually prefer, though, is to add a Key binding for, say Meta + R to Restart fvwm. Maybe you’d like that, too?

I don’t know but I believe screensaving isn’t a job of a WindowManager.

I can see that there is no ButtonGeometry definition for ApplicationPanel. Try to add that and see if it works for you.

I would like that, however, fvwm --replace ends up throwing me back to a log in screen, and does not perform the same action as selecting a restart.

Stupid desktop environment vs. windows manager…

Hrm. I’ve never read about ButtonGeometry, but I’m guess I just have to do a *ApplicationPanel: ButtonGeometry [blah]?

What options do I have for [blah]?

Also, not all of the programs that are listed when I’m in Gnome are listed on the menus of applications on FVWM… any reason why it’s grabbing a different set of applications?

Thanks for the help!

The syntax for keybinding definition is:
Key [(window)] Keyname Context Modifiers Function
So, for example:

Key R A M Restart

Would restart your fvwm when pressing Meta+R in Any Context

You can find the complete manual page from here: … uttons.php
The section you are interested in is:

So, with your configuration in mind, that would become, for example:

*ApplicationPanel: ButtonGeometry 80x80

Which defines that a single “button” is 80 pixels wide and 80 pixels high. You can also define the location by appending either “-” for bottom/right side or “+” for top/left side, and number. example:

*ApplicationPanel: ButtonGeometry 80x80-0+100

But it seems to me that there is already some definitions in the configuration file. You can try to comment out the “PipeRead 'echo *ApplicationPanel: Geometry…” for instance.
I’m sorry to say, but I am not very familiar with crystal.

This is a tricky one. I’m surprised it grabs any programs at all. Again, in my opinion, it is not the job of wm to search for installed programs, and to construct menus out of them. There is some kind of Gnome support available during compile configuration, but I’ve never looked into it. Maybe that can be of help.

Thanks again. I’m home for Thanskgiving and using my laptop now instead of using the desktop I was setting this up on, but I’m relatively confident that what you posted should work. I’m terrible at navigating the man pages, though they seem to be pretty solid, mostly because I’m just unsure of how everything connects.

I will say I agree, it’s not FVWM’s job to capture installed applications, but nevertheless, it picks up my “Debian” menu (though I’m running Linux) which has several of the programs that are installed as part of the base of the system, but it does not have anything I installed beyond base. Pretty cool it picked that much up, and obviously I have no trouble using the CLI or I wouldn’t even consider FVWM, just wondering…

Just to keep you updated, everything is all set and the key line that I needed to add was:
*FvwmButtons Boxsize: fixed

in addition to needing to using:
*FvwmButtons ButtonGeometry: [size and position here]

and removing the -g from the module which overrides internal geometry designations.