shadow's config (glass rose)

hi folks,

just finished my first ‘honest’ attempt at configuring f.

Big Screenshot

As you see, I rather like a ‘transparent’ look about my environment and the background image (taken from DeviantArt) nicely complements it, I think.
I am aware that my configuration is far from perfect (because I am new to its style), but I welcome all suggestions of improvement :slight_smile: Please note that I did not include the icons (which are from Gentoo’s Homepage) due to their size. But I included a small sh-script to generate the necessary thumbnails and highlight/shade buttons.
Here’s the config.

Have a nice day,


I really like idea of different terminals on bottom, maybe try to implement autohide function on them and set them to sticky so tjhat after keystroke they appear on top of fullscreen aplications (just sugestion). Also (my personal dislike) gnome-terminal uses much resources rxvt or plain xterm will be much niftier.

thanks for the suggestions!

i will surely try out other terminals in favour of gnome-t. the auto-hide is a cute idea (i think they already are sticky).

thank you!

i like it!! the terminals on the bottom is a cool idea, maybe i’ll try smth out myself. but as the man said, there are many terminals that will do the trick, and gterminal wouldnt be my first choice either. You could try out aterm or Eterm, which are great terminals and easy to configure (colors, transparency, etc…). Right now io’m using a lil term called mrxvt, which is one of the greatest i’ve tried so far. It has multi-tabbing (not FvwmTabs, its built in on the terminal) and many many different configuration options. And, its light as hell.

Now, on the rest, well, i hate Gentoo Icons, but hei, thats personal :slight_smile: I also dont like gkrell, but thats smth most ppl like, and looks good on your config (maybe you could theme it to match your wallpaper :: just an idea).

But, the general looks of it is cool. And it looks easy to use, with those 3 terms below. Thats smth well thought of. Ah, maybe you wanna put solid separators on the Pager?

ahh, sry, i tend to find too much stuff on other ppls screenshots…

hope i helped somehow. :laughing:

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you helped me for sure. i already tried out rxvt and xterm (and, in fact aterm and wterm), but i seem to be unable to get them to focus right… thing is, once they are swallowed into fvwmbuttons, each character i enter gets surrounded by a box (like the box you get at the prompt of a not-focussed terminal).
i’ll try eterm, maybe it works (i like it, too, i just used gnome-terminal due to the fact that initially i found its different profiles useful, i already see things a bit differently).
maybe i shall also give mrxvt another try (though i was not able to get it to display colored tinting, once i switched on transparency, it always stays black…).

i beg your pardon, i do not have gkrellm installed :slight_smile:

thanks for your suggestions!

Speaking of terminals you can also use multi-gnome-terminal ( It also has profiles as gnome-terminal and supports tabs. It can even split the window horizontally or vertically (something like emacs) and it is relatively light. It’s a pity that developement has stopped :frowning:.

i’ve incorporated your advices into my theme, here’s what it looks like now:

Or in a bigger version

thanks for your suggestions!