shadow's config revisited

Hi folks,

I’ve incorporated a few changes suggested by users of this forum (thanks!), changed the wallpaper and otherwise took bits’n’pieces of other configs (sorry, I forgot whose), to produce the following:

Big Screenshot
Config (Large Download! 15MB)

Maybe the most notable thing is the mount/unmount script taken from the famous brice-config. I’ve tweaked it a bit, so that it features three icons for removable devices: In my case, a dark-red iPod if the iPod is not connected, a dark-green one if the device is connected, but not mounted and finally a bright one when it is mounted (and, thus, connected). This transition happens automagically, of course :wink:

Some might find the screen too bloated, but disabling conky goes a great way of amending this impression (as does removing the top button bar, but the mozilla is just too cute).

Please also note the effect of a completely transparent and flat root-menu (it looks somehow like the menu was directly drawn onto the wallpaper, honestly cool!)

I’ve also added support for screenshot’ed icons, taken from someone here in the forum.

Thanks for everyone who made such a great window-manager (and such cute configs as I have seen here) possible!

i see you took some of my advices :smiley: well, its great!! i’m still in love with the terminals below (specially the ‘root’ and ‘user’, allowing easy commands with both root and users). Yeah, and, mrxvt is a great app isnt it? 8)

i like the config even more since you dumped the ugly gentoo icons (thank god!!). The solid separators on the Pager is much nicer also.

There is, however, one thing i’d suggest: SolidTriangles. I like the menu as it is, but i really hate bevels of any kind, plus i dont think they look good and visible with a black wallpaper. But thats just me, its your config, i’m just suggesting. I think that ‘short’ separators would look better, but again, its up to you.

Congrats for a job well-done!!

PS: how did you change the colors on the mrxvt? i been trying but couldnt find a way. (help me out :smiley: pm or here). I also been trying to change the font, but seems easier said than done.

Yeah, mrxvt is nifty.

Concerning your suggestions of the root-menu layout: I’ll give it a try, I am still very much into experiencing there (font/icon size etc.). Currently, I am evaluating the usage of the FvwmRingMenu (it’s coded by Nick Fortune, I believe).

When you say “the colors in mrxvt” do you mean the font-colors? If so, I used simple Shell-Escape sequences, such as:


Changing the font itself, is not too hard, either. I prefer Xft-Fonts (personally, I like to try them out via Gimp), my lines read:

mrxvt.xftFont: Terminus
mrxvt.xftAntialias: true

Terminus has to be installed, obviously.

Thanks for your feedback!

damn this looks cool,

a quick question, the things on the bottom is this possible to auto hide it?

yes, of course it is possible (ordinary fvwmbuttons), i just chose not to :slight_smile:

thanks for the compliment!

have you ever tried to get conky in fvwmbuttons?

I try it but it doesn’t seem to work

Well, it should work under a condition. normally, conky writes directly onto the root-window, thus rendering it effectively useless for a fvwmbutton. but you can specify a parameter that tells conky to open a separate window, which you could then swallow, i imagine.

good luck!

Please use the search function first, that’s what it’s for:

I read that tread but didn’t find a solution in it.
I posted here because it looks as if the other post is dead

Better to revive an old thread than to ask in a thread where it doesn’t belong:

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