shape , howto ?

hi all ,

i would like to know how do you do a shape ?
i want one with rounded corners but all tries failed.
could u give me some hints plz ?

i believe it is translucient with black area “for modeling” is it right ?


If you had searched the forums (and you still can – I am not going to do it for you) you would have seen in the ‘Feature Requests’ section that a few people are calling for rounded corners on windows. But it won’t happen for some time (as you’ll see, when you have a look.)

It is possible to “fake” it using FvwmButtons, but this gets very ugly. You can, though, use shape masks for menus, if you so wish.

– Thomas Adam

Heres the tutorial i used for using shapes with fvwmbuttons. … ttons.html

ok thx for the answers. i have found this link voiDer but thx anyway. it seems there is blacks corners that become transparent when it is display in xpm but :cry: ,i will give it a try tonight .


ps : sorry i’m not very familiar with this forum , my english is … hum limited
:smiley: so i thought i was in the right place and i have not seen anything related to shape in this section,so many things to read , too many :wink: