Shift between themes?

I have made two different .fvwm2rc files. I would like to add an option to a menu so I can easily shift between these two themes.

The problem is that the .fvwm2rc file is located in .fvwm and I don’t want to copy and paste all the time.

I was thinking that I might have the other .fvwm2rc file in the same dir but call it something else: .fvwm2rc_alternative and the add a function that loads this file instead.

Is that possible or should config files always have the name .fvwm2rc?

Stonecrest already does this and so do countless others, might want to have a look at their configs. Further I am pretty sure that this subject has been discussed before, might be worth searching for.


stonecrest’s config is unavailable, I just get an error when I try to download it. I have also tried searching for:

load alternative fvwm2rc
load theme
change theme

and could not find anything that described what I was looking for. I have tried the command:

fvwm2 -r -f <location and name of the alternative .fvwm2rc file>

but the it logs out and when I log in againg it just uses the same config file.

I have also tried:

AddToMenu ThemeMan

  • “Old” Read $[fvwm_home]/.fvwm2rc_alt

But it just leaves a mess and a lot of the previous configs settings still apply.

If you really do insist on reinventing an already old wheel, then so be it. You have some choices.

You either employ the use of a symlink, say ~/.fvwm/config that always points to the theme you want. If that ever changes (say from a menu entry which then updates the symlink) then when you restart FVWM, that would then update the theme.

Personally I wouldn’t do this, in favour of using the Restart command the way it was intended:

Restart fvwm -f $[HOME]/.fvwm/some/other/file

I never really saw the usefulness in this approach. It’s silly, slows down FVWM, and if can’t settle on one theme, then quite frankly you should consider evaluating that.

– Thomas Adam