shortcut to restore a window without using the mouse?

I’d like to set up a keyboard shortcut that will deiconify a window without having to move the mouse. So far I’ve failed.

I’m running fvwm 2.5.18-3 on a Debian Etch machine. My ~/.fvwm2rc allows a window to be iconified with “CTRL-i”:

Key i A C Iconify

If I move the mouse cursor over the icon and hit “CTRL-i” again, the window is brought back. (This is what I mean by “deiconified”. I’m not sure if that’s what DeIconify means in fvwm).

I would like to be able to do this without moving the mouse over the icon. So I would need to identify which window I want to bring back, either by its number in the dropdown WindowList, or by its name there. In the case of my Iceweasel (Mozilla) window, this name varies with the page being viewed. At the moment, it is

“FVWM Forums . View forum - Basic questions - Iceweasel”

With my default startup page, it is:

“dummy page - Iceweasel”

I’d like for some shortcut (e.g. “CTRL-1” for window 1) to bring back a defined window without moving the mouse cursor over its icon. I tried this in .fvwm2rc:

Key (“dummy page - Iceweasel”) 1 A C DeIconify

without success.

Is there a way to set this up in .fvwm2rc?


Key I A C Next (some_name) Iconify

Obviously this won’t work because the window key-binding assumes an explicit window context – hence the window has to either have focus, or contain the mouse (see: PointerKey command)

– Thomas Adam

Key I A C Next (some_name) Iconify
That worked nicely. Thanks, Thomas.