showing user@host in FvwmButton

Hey all
i want to add a button that displays the current user@host in FvwmButtons
i’ve tried a couple things, but am still kind of struggeling with the Exec, Echo and PipeRead commands, basically what i want to do is

*FvwmShelf: (40x1, Title(Side) "echo '$USER@$HOSTNAME'", Left, Icon gnome-terminal.png, Action(Mouse 1) `Exec "xterm" exec xterm`)

but since i have no idea how to do that, i’m kind of stuck.
any help is appreciated.


I just made a button show the env. variables with:

*FvwmShelf: (1x1 Title $[USER]@$[HOSTNAME]  )

ah, all i needed was the []'s, thanks!