Shygantic's config

This is my setup. Everything is simple and fast. … f&p=screen

I cut up the image from to make the window decor.

Hey, that’s a nice shot, shygantic. :slight_smile:

I just happen to prefer the simplistic/minimalistic desktops myself. Thanks for posting the config, too. If I get a chance, I’ll load it up and play with it some this weekend.

In the interim, welcome to the forums. 8)

I’ve changed a few things around.

Here’s the new screenshot: … 6&p=screen

Wallpaper from here:

Window decor modified from here:

I’m pretty happy with what I have right now as far as the way things work and look. Now I have to do some serious work on my menus.

My latest setup: … 0&p=screen

I’ve been messing with FvwmButtons a lot lately.

Very nice… I’m not crazy about the gant icons but it’s a clean config and I really dig the window decor. Good work.

I’m not big on gant either, but it’s hard to find a complete icon set.

Will you post your config?

I don’t have a place to put files. It is still very much a work in process.

I almost forgot about the window decor. I cut the buttons and titlebar images out of here: … tent=32207

Sorry that this isn’t all organized better. I’ll have some web space again later this month and will be able to post actual configs.

It was too cold outside to leave the house, so I stayed in and messed with my config. Here’s what I came up with: … 3&p=screen

FvwmIconMan is a lot more themeable than I thought. I’ll clean up the config and try to get it online soon.

anxiously waiting your config


It seems you’re waiting for a lot of configs. Is there something specific you’re after, only it’s going to get tedious replying to you like this each and every time.

The guidelines for this forum section do state where possible to provide a configuration file. Alas, there might be certain circumstances where that isn’t always possible.

– Thomas.

Im actually waiting for a reply from the OP, and no there isnt anything im specifically after. Just getting bored off my old config and want to try something new.


Ever tried rolling your own from scratch? It’s really rewarding I can assure you :slight_smile:

i have a nice config. but its too bloated. i like the OP’s config cuz it reminds me of ikaro’s fvwm config. Nice and simple.


I’m curious now how what you’re defining “bloat” as. :slight_smile: If it’s complexity (or total number of lines) then that’s not a good measure as that’s dependant entirely on scope, need, and design.

– Thomas.

im talking bloat as i have too many things in my config. im trying to slim it down now