[Sidepic] - Only in FvwmRootMenu - (Solved)

Im playing a bit with the SidePic option in the menu (that i never used before). I wonder if it is possible to do something like

MenuStyle FvwmRootMenu Sidepic ..............

Right now im using “Menustyle * …”, but that makes the pic appear in all the submenus (not bad, but I would like to save a bit of space in my desktop). If I try “MenuStyle FvwmRootMenu …” then the picture does not appear. “FvwmRootMenu” is, of course, the name of my root menu, no typos, guaranteed. :wink:

Yup, and this is deliberate. Hopefully it will be addressed at some point.

– Thomas Adam

Well, then I suppose that I can make the sidebar thinner as a workaround for now. The man page says “MenuStyle …”, thats why I thought that I was doing something wrong. So, for now, only ‘*’ (default) is valid as style, isnt it?

  • Thanks again :slight_smile:

Menustyles are different from Styles in the way thet they have names. The names you give them does not have to be the same as the manus you use them for, and they are used by no menu by default.
You need to add

ChangeMenuStyle FvwmRootMenu FvwmRootMenu

toy your config or (for more readbility) change your config to

MenuStyle WithSideBar Sidepic ..............
ChangeMenuStyle WithSideBar FvwmRootMenu

Thanks dude! I assumed that this work like the Style option as you said. That was my fault… Well, now it is working and I know a bit more about fvwm.

I have another question regarding this. When I do that FvwmRootMenu uses the new style instead, so, all the menu settings are reseted and I receive as gift the “beautifull” grey menu (with the fancy bar, of course). I can clone the settings for the new menu style, but, is there by chance any way to make the new style inherit the settings from the default style?

This is what I was trying to allude to. Menus are… unique (for a good reason) regarding their operation. I suppose you’re after the CopyMenuStyle command. One of these days, I mean to write up a tutorial about menus. They’re not as easy as you think…

(Note that the use of ‘ChangeMenuStyle’ as an option is entirely destructive, which is why you have your colours reset, and so forth…)

– Thomas Adam

Someone pointed me in a better direction to archieve this here: forums.gentoo.org/viewtopic.php? … 43#2807243

I knew about the menu element @image@ operator, what I did not know is that that same sintaxis apply also to the menu itseft, so, a simple line like this:

AddToMenu   FvwmRootMenu@$[fvwm_home]/sidepic.png@

solved all my troubles. Now I have the pic ONLY in my root menu. And dont need to define a new style just for that.

Thanks to everybody here for reading and the sugestions.