Simon Kagstroms config

The full screenshot can be found at and the config at

So this is how my desktop looks and has been looking since 1998 - except for colors. I like the window manager decorations to be as non-intrusive as possible, and I’ve therefore set the window borders to a 1 pixel width. The buttons were taken from another configuration I found long ago. I used to have an attribuation in the configuration file, but it seems I’ve removed them by mistake.

Some things to note from the configuration:

  • Keyboard shortcuts for all common things, e.g., maximising windows vertically, moving windows between desks etc.
  • The FvwmButtons bar has a “procmeter3” (manually placed there), FvwmPager, FvwmIconMan (used when moving windows between desks) and a clock implemented via rxvt.
  • I use three computers regularly, and have slightly different configurations for them. One is blue, one is green and one is yellow.

Trivia: to get the setup working like I wanted, I wrote a small patch to FvwmIconMan (the ShowOnlyIcons option). It’s a small addition, but does wonders for the way I work.

Fvwm is one of the reasons why I’m so attached to UNIX. I’m having a hard time imagining a more convenient environment to work in. It will be interesting to look back in 2018 and see if my desktop looks the same after 20 years of Fvwm usage. Well. I guess I’ll have higher resolution and perhaps larger fonts by then.

Thanks to all the fvwm developers!

// Simon