simple configuration make xsession crash.

This simple configuration make my xsession to crash when i change page/desktop within fvwmpager

Desktops  2
DesktopSize 2x2

Style FvwmPager Sticky, StaysOnTop
*FvwmPager: Rows       1

Mouse 3 R S Module FvwmPager -transient

Any ideas.?

I have started a fvwm session using the lines you have given as the only configuration and it works all right with me. Maybe you can find more clues in ~/.xsession-errors or in /var/log/Xorg.0.log.


What version of FVWM? “Desktops 2” isn’t a command either. Can’t reproduce this on 2.4 either – can you get a backtrace from a core file assuming your ulimit is set correctly?

– Thomas Adam

Oddly enough the system don’t crash when i load a background-image with fvwmbacker.

So it make me think it is something with my grapich drivers that make X crash.

I know for sure that within m$ world when a system reboots “with no reason” it often belongs to bad system drivers, often but not always graphic drivers, so it could probably be the reason here.

AND the the error disappeared when i installed ubuntu studio, and enabled restricted drivers.