Simple theme

It’s been a while now that I’m using FVWM, and I’ve decided to post a screenshot here, just to share with you… :slight_smile:

I use a light gray RootTransparent colorset for windows title (vector buttons) and my FvwmButton, so I can switch wallpaper easily (colors don’t really mess up readability…).

In this screenshot, you can see FvwmButtons, swallowing a clock script, with a calendar popup (modified version of script found here :wink:), xosview with cpu, mem and network meters, FvwmIconMan (as a taskbar), FvwmPager, some other scripts (weather and 5 day popup, mail counter, battery monitor and a non-working wifi monitor for my laptop) and trayer.

My conditional menu (with Test (x …) conditions) is translucent (patch).
I’ve added another FvwmButtons which pops 3 seconds and show nice icons with mouse over effect for fun.

Every key binding uses the Mod4 key (‘Windows’).

Full size and config.

New screenshots in order to show the colorset adaptation depending on background image…

Full size

Full size

i like the command-line in the background!

could you please enlighten me how to create on (I am fairly new to FVWM). The yellow wallpaper looks nice, too!

I really like some of the features of this config. Good work. I might have to steal some for my own config :wink:


nice config and thanks for sharing. Are you using fvwm forms for the command line in the third screeny? Also, can you share the first wallpaper, I really liked the green colours.


Well, in fact, I use Fvwm-Form, see this thread and follow Thomas Adam’s link.

Thank you for the comment.

In a matter of fact, yes, see previous post.

I usually find my wallpapers on deviantart.
I really like “simplistic” wallpapers. You’ll find this one in Ilona gallery:

thanks very much cycyx. I will check out devian art