Size of Icons in a Menu

Hi Everybody,
First off I want to express my liking of fvwm, i just installed it because i was looking for a very configurable WM, and this is exactly what I need. Since I’m kind of busy with work and my life, I don’t really have time to create my own theme, so I started from scratch, and add features when I feel the need for them come up. I just redid my menu’s and I want to add Icons to the mix. I added an icon for firefox, but it turned out to be huge. Now I looked at the manpage, and found the IconSize keyword, but it doesn’t quite seem to work in the following situation:

MenuStyle * IconSize 32 32

Is there a way to set the IconSize for my menus? or do I have to convert all the icons i want to use to the size i want?
Thanks in Advance

You’ll have to convert them I’m afraid…

Alright, that’s fine. Is there a possibility this can be included in a future release? How do i submit a feature request?

If anything, the behaviour exhibited is a good default. If, on the other hand, you want such a feature then you have some option:

  1. You try and patch it yourself.
  2. You ask on the fvwm-workers mailing-list.

Most people I know opt for number 2. :slight_smile:

– Thomas Adam