Slackman`s FVWM (new)

Hi @ all!

Well, after days of try & error :slight_smile: now here is my first finshed FVWM-Desk.
At this time the Desk is not really complete, there are a few things which will be inserted the next time, things like an Mailchecker with Popup (like Brices one), maybe another Titlebar, a menu-sidebar like PEMs one and something else.
I`m impressed and affected by all the wonderfull Desktops from all of you here and I have inserted a lot of Features from different Config-Files.
Thank you very very much for those Impressions!

O.K., for me FVWM is absolutly new Stuff and I`m learning and learning and a lot of things are results of try and error.

And here are 4 Screenshots:

My Desk with menu-bar:

Here my Desk with integrated mp3-Archiv and Playlists for them (incl. Cover), Xmms is starting directly:

The next Screenshot is with different Apps:

And the last one shows my Shutdownmenu:

At this moment my config is very confused and I have to clean it up. If someone wants to get it I`ll load up my config the next days.

O.K., thanks to all of you.

Greatings from Germany


And here a Screenshot with “conky” included (Thanks to PEM):

And last (but not least lol), my new XDM:

… xdm is playing a Soundfile when it`s starting :slight_smile:

Nice crystal touch (I maybe already have said that somewhere else…)!

Allow me one things: Every schred of Fvwm that you have used is nicely rendered with anti-aliased fonts (XFT’s magic). 2 apps do not follow that and I know they can: mrxvt and torsmo. For mrxvt, I’m pretty sure that you could use something like:

mrxvt*xft: true mrxvt*xftFont: Bitstream Vera Sans Mono mrxvt*xftmFont: Bitstream Vera Sans Mono mrxvt*xftAntialias: true
For torsmo, it’s a bit more tricky because you need to hack it so that it supports the XFT fonts. I’ve seen guys succeeding in doing so but I don’t like the idea to hack sources on a distro based on sources: it quickly becomes a nightmare to handle new enhancements. So, IMHO, I would rather install conky. It directly provides the support for anti-aliased fonts. :wink:

well slackman, the result is very interesting, can you post your config?

@ PEM:
Wow, conky is very interesting, Ive installed it and youre right, the fonts are quit better and it looks really better than torsmo!!
First I had problems with ./configure (conky could`t find the procps-Headers) but now it works.

And the fonts in mrxvt are really better with your config.

Thank`s! Screenshots will follow this evening.

yes, Ill post my config, today or tomorrow, first I have to clean up everything, at ths moment its really confused.

Very nice and taviso-like.
Also wirklich gelungen.

Dankeschön! :slight_smile:

If someone likes to get my Config, here is the package:
Please read my next Post in this thread, Ill upload a new version with some fixed errors in the config and a few new features. Ive found some errors in this Pack. Please wait for the new one!

This Config is working well on my Linux-from-Scratch System with fvwm-2.5.13.
But I`m totally new in fvwm and do not know if everything is really correct :slight_smile:
If you find any errors please let me know.
Much fun!

here 2 new Screenshots with little Updates in my Config:

I`ve created colored Buttons for my Buttonbar (and a blck one for the taskbar) in 2 different Colorsets (Black & Blue).
Here the Screenshots:


I`ll create a new config-package on Sunday this week than with the new button-Styles and a very clean config which makes fvwm starting faster. In my old config there have been a few errors and some Colorsets I do not need.

And then I have one question about the Wallpaper-Settings:

I`ve some trouble while starting fvwm and it seems because setting up the wallpaper.
If I use Esetroot as Command or + I Test (Init) Exec exec fvwm-root --dither --retain-pixmap ~/my-wallaper-dir, the wallpaper starts but sometimes some of my Modules/Scripts do not start like Pager or taskbar.

But if I use a command like:

(like it is in Brice` Config) everything works well.

What`s the reason for this?

Because of this error maybe its better not to download my config-package from this week, its better to wait for the new one which Ill upload next sunday, the next days I`m away from home.

Thnak you for all answers, I`ll reply on Sunday.


Here is my new Pack with a little Update (colored Buttons and some fixed errors)

I hope you like it!

Take a look at my config, theres a line where I have set my favourite Shell (zsh), first you have to change it, otherwise you cant get my fvwm working !

Nice indeed! Thank you!