Slow FVWM start-up.

My FVWM start-up time is compared with GNOME’s and KDE’s. But FVWM is a WM. My blackbox starts in a second. I thought that it was torsmo or xclock, or feh. But not, when I removed them the start-up time didn’t (maybe hadn’t? hm, fucking english! please tell me what form is right) changed to better.
So I cannot understand what is the solution. Please, help…

Here is my config:

You mean to say (probably):

“My start-up time hadn’t changed.” (Try also not to swear, please.)

I looked at your config, it looks OK. I’m interested though in what you mean by “slow”. What is it you’re referring to when FVWM starts that, to you, seems slow? What system is FVWM running on?

– Thomas Adam

My hardware is a PentiumIII-866Mhz processor, 512 mb RAM, GigaByte GA-60X motherboard, WD 30 gb HDD. It’s enough for all applications I use (FF, OO, etc).
It’s enough for KDE and GNOME too. (But I don’t like them). Blackbox starts in a second and FVWM starts in a half minute. (I cannot do anything before the end of startupm only move mouse)

I didn’t check your configs
But I suggest you this if you really want to optimize your startup: … 02143.html

thanks a lot! now my fvwm starts in 2 seconds. I’m very happy!
:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Congratulations! :slight_smile:
F?WM will never disappoint you…