Smooth cursor move

Hello, I found this mouse scroll code to move horizontally and vertically between pages. Cool, how to make mouse cursor to move more smooth without jerking.

EdgeCommand E  FuncScrollMoveH  100p -4p
EdgeCommand W  FuncScrollMoveH -80p  4p
EdgeCommand N FuncScrollMoveV -80p  4p
EdgeCommand S FuncScrollMoveV  60p -4p

Its a bit rough. Try this code, copied from post, Its quite good.

EdgeResistance 0 0
EdgeThickness 2
EdgeCommand E  FuncScrollMoveH  40p -5p
EdgeCommand W  FuncScrollMoveH -40p  5p
EdgeCommand N FuncScrollMoveV -40p  5p
EdgeCommand S FuncScrollMoveV  40p -5p

Much better. On empty page any option is ok. But with windows, 40p -5p is good. Is there manpage what options do?

I found some info, that ā€œpā€ is pixels. I removed p and did slight change. 30 -5 does smooth move. I think it became %. Right option (5) increases resistance and left (30) movement.