SnapGrid for icons only

Longtime FVWM user, tried all the rest, keep coming back to the best.

I’d like my icons to snap to a non-1x1 grid, but not windows. Should be possible with:

Style <the-classname-of-all-icons> SnapGrid <x-grid-size> <y-grid-size>

but I’ve tried all permutations of “icons”, “Icons”, “icon”, “*icon”, “IconClass”, etc. without success. Searched all through the man page(s), the FAQ, and these forums, still can’t find the doubtless obvious answer.

Thanks for any help.

Is this snapping supposed to happen when moving icons, or when you iconify windows?

If it’s iconifying windows, see IconFill.

– Thomas Adam

When moving icons. I had tried IconFill, but I need to manually rearrange the icons after they’ve been created, as new ones are added and old ones removed, etc.