[Solved]buttons on title bar, placement of icons, and sizing


I’m upgrading from Fvwm 2.4 to 2.6. and I can’t get it the way it used to be.

I used to be able to get buttons on the title that would (1) resize the window (easing than getting the frame), (2) iconifying the window and (3) closing the window. Can someone supply the magic code that does the above.

When I iconify a window, the icon goes on the left side of the desktop. Is there a way where I can place the icons anywhere I want, e.g. make the icons appear in a column on the right or a column in the center of the screen.

I would like all icons to have to have the same size. How can I do that.

Thanks in advance for any help


OK, I’ve figured out how to put buttons on the title bar, still don’t know how to make the icons appear where I want them to or how to make some icons smaller.



Here’s a snippet from my config]#-----------------------------------------------------------------------

IconBox defines the area where FVWM will place any windows that are

in the iconic state:

IconBox left top right bottom

IconGrid ist the distance between each icon. Default grid is 3x3 pixels:

IconGrid x y

IconFill defines the direction icons will place. Default is from left

to right. To fill an icon box in columns instead of rows, specify the

vertical direction (top or bottom) first.

Style * IconBox 20 80 -100 -20,
IconGrid 40 40,
IconFill left bottom,


Thanks TF

I got the icons lined up where I want it. Problem Solved.

There are some odds and ends but nothing very important. I’ll spend a little time and post on a new thread

Thanks again


Thanks for sharing your config file. It helped me a lot.

You’re welcome :smiley:

– Thomas –