[Solved?]Fallback font list support?

I’m a Chinese user, and Chinese characters look quite a bit different (or weird, for the westerns :slight_smile: ) from the Latin characters. Occasionally there are some Chinese characters in the titles of windows on my system that need to be displayed. Now here comes the problem: I wish to use Terminus i[/i] to show ASCII characters in fvwm, and another Chinese font to display Chinese characters. Essentially some sort of fallback font list, similar to the one rxvt-unicode supports. Is this possible in fvwm?

Firstly I looked into the man page and found no ways of doing it.
Then I specified the fallback font in /etc/fonts/local.conf, it works for all other applications except fvwm. In fvwm all Chinese characters are rendered as black boxes. (And Chinese characters indeed don’t look like black boxes! :slight_smile: )
Later I tried using XLFD once, the result was all Chinese characters were displayed as a series of ASCII characters, somehow.

The environment is Gentoo amd64, xorg-server 1.9.5, fvwm 2.5.31, en_US.UTF-8.

Thanks in advance.

Not in this way, no.

– Thomas Adam