[SOLVED] Flip page only when draging window


my second problem I run into and just can’t solve…

I’d like to be able to drag windows between pages (so have page flipping when moving windows), but not when I just get my mousecursor on the screen edge without a window.
How do I solve this, I only find the option to have it always (i.e. with or without a window) or not.

My config is posted also here -> http://www.fvwmforums.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=33&t=3035.


Try this (works fine on my system)]#-----------------------------------------------------------------------

How hard it should be to change the desktop viewport by moving the

mouse over the edge of the screen

EdgeResistance 350


Scrolling complete page when hiting the edge of a page

EdgeScroll 0 0 disables scrolling

EdgeScroll 100 100


In order to enable page scrolling via the mouse, for windows called

the “pan frames” are placed at the very edge of the screen. 1 gives

the smallest pan frames, which seem to work best except on some servers.

EdgeThickness 1[/code]

– Thomas –

Btw. SnapAttraction 12 is obsolete. Use[code]#-----------------------------------------------------------------------

SnapAttraction lets nearby windows snap together, or snap to edges so

that they are easier to align on your desktop, The default is off.

Style * SnapAttraction 3 All
[/code]instead. For more info see Style SnapAttraction.

@Thomas: Danke :wink:

I now have

EdgeResistance 10000 EdgeScroll 100 100 EdgeThickness 1

and it works like a charm, but just out of curiosity, why?
Since my EdgeResistance is 10000 there should be no scrolling whatsoever, or is there some special behaviour when I drag windows over the screen edge (obviously there is, as I may conclude)?

P.S.: Changed Snapattraction to

Style *           SnapAttraction 12 Windows ScreenWindows

Thats much better, since more finetuned :wink:

The behaviour of dragging windows over the screen edge is handled by options EdgeMoveDelay and EdgeResizeDelay, the first is enabled by default, the second disabled (though disabling EdgeScroll will also affect these options).


Since EdgeResistance is a command, I haven’t looked if Edgescrolling has additional Style-commands, my fault.
Now it really works perfectly:

[code]EdgeResistance -1
EdgeScroll 100 100
EdgeThickness 1

Style * EdgeMoveDelay 350[/code]

Thanks :wink: