[Solved] FvwmAnimate SendToModule

Hello out there,
I am new here and new to fvwm, so this is my first post.
I got my config somehow working and start playing. FvwmAnimate is a good playground.
I’ve made some keybindings to ResizeMove my windows.
Is it possible to tell ResizeMove to animate the move? And if how would I achieve it?

cheers, Franz

For Move, you could try the AnimatedMove command listed in the fvwm manpage. Separate to FvwmAnimate module I think. Also related to AnimatedMove is the SetAnimation command. I don’t know of animation for Resize though.

hello again,
phleagol, thanks for your post. That helpt. Here is what I made from it:

DestroyFunc FuncAniMove
AddToFunc FuncAniMove
+ I Resize frame $0 $1
+ I AnimatedMove $2 $3

And the keybindings:

Key Left	        W	4	FuncAniMove 50 98 0 0
Key Right	W	4	FuncAniMove 50 98 -0 0
Key Up		W	4	FuncAniMove 100 50 0 0
Key Down	W	4	FuncAniMove 100 50 0 -3

Now, pressing win + arrow left, resizes the window and moves it, so that it covers the right half of the screen. Got used to this with gnome. Only think I want to add now is gettin the focus to it.

I guess the SendToModule command is not yet my cup of tea and probably not suitable for this.