[SOLVED] Help! All Exec functions are ignored

Woah I don’t know what i’ve done to my config but suddenly ALL execs don’t work at all! All the keybindings for terminals, screenshots, xcsreensaver locks… ALL THE FRIGGIN MENU COMMANDS, everyting! I can’t even start a friggin’ terminal… How the hell is this possible?

in ~/.xsession-errors:

[FVWM][exec_function]: <<ERROR>> execl failed (No such file or directory) [FVWM][exec_function]: <<ERROR>> execl failed (No such file or directory) [FVWM][exec_function]: <<ERROR>> execl failed (No such file or directory)

But I doubt it’s the right error. I cleaned the file and tried to execute some commands or press menu items but these errors did NOT append anymore. Hmm… I don’t know anymore what I changed and what not because last morning everything worked fine and now all of a sudden it’s broke as hell!

Keybindings to FvwmFunctions still work (like minimize/maximize etc)
Urgh :frowning:

Permissions. It sounds as if fvwm is unable to fork the shell in order to run any commands. You should check the perms on your /bin/bash binary, as well as the perms for your pty multiplexer (/dev/ptmx – often errors such as bad permissions on this device, result in Xterms unable to load.)

– Thomas Adam

They’re all set and working…
Still nothin’ :open_mouth:

SOLVED: I changed my shell to Zsh with execuseshell - BAD idea!
Thanks all :slight_smile: