[solved] How to make Key bindings by Keycode

This is the thing I’d like to do:
I want to make a “Headless Fvwm” similiar to the one from shaozi.
One my Keyboard are three buttons that are not used untill now: Power, Sleep, Wake.
I’ve used the xev programm to determine the Keycodes of them (222, 223, 227).
But how could I bind these codes to an action?
Key 222 A N Current Close
seems not to work…

What I want to do, is to bind the functions Iconify, Close, maximize to these buttons…

I didn’t found anything in the man page…


Create a .Xmodmap file in your /home directory, with:

keycode 222 = F13
keycode 223 = F14
keycode 227 = F15

Then bind the new function keys:

Key F13 A N Current Close


seems not to work…
But many of my other bindings don’t work too…
I will re-read the manual section that handels the key bindigs…perhaps I’ve an generall fault in it…
I will post again, if i have an answer or not.
Thanks for help so far.


Remember you have to tell xmodmap about the file, hence:

xmodmap ~/.Xmodmap

or some such.

– Thomas Adam

Now it works fine!
Thank you very much, Thomas!