[Solved] How to move window to a next window.


I would like to know how I can move window to a next window by command.

I mean, for example, I have two xterm like this,
[xterm] space [xterm]

I want to move the left [xterm] like this,

I don’t know a right word for it. Is it ‘pack’?


Take a look in the manpage at the Styles ‘SnapGrid’ and ‘SnapAttraction’, this will make it so when you move windows around they will snap to each other (which appears to be what you are looking for). These are used with an interactive (mouse) move.

I was looking through the manpage at the Move command and didn’t see a nice way to have an command that you could say snap to a near by window with a keybinding. Only thing I can think of is write a script that calculates the coordinates to move the window too, then outputs them to the PipeRead command to preform the move with the Move command.


I learn that this is not standard function. I find related issue and function,

github.com/mm–/dot-fvwm/blob/m … /pack-move

I can do it by the above guide.