[SOLVED] How to place FvwmIconMan-Taskbar on 2nd XineramaSls Screen with Resolution Screen


I would like to have a taskbar at the bottom of each of my XineramaSls Screens that reference the windows only in those screens. I have the following Code:

XineramaSlsScreens 2 \
  2560x1370+0+0 2560x1370+2560+0
XineramaSls On
XineramaPrimaryScreen 1
Xinerama On

*FvwmIconMan-Taskbar: NumManagers 2
*FvwmIconMan-Taskbar: Action Mouse 1 N sendcommand EWMHActivateWindowFunc

*FvwmIconMan-Taskbar: 1 ManagerGeometry 4x1+0-0@1
*FvwmIconMan-Taskbar: 1 ButtonGeometry 320x25
*FvwmIconMan-Taskbar: 1 Resolution screen
*FvwmIconMan-Taskbar: 1 PlainButton Up
*FvwmIconMan-Taskbar: 1 Sort none

*FvwmIconMan-Taskbar: 2 ManagerGeometry 3x1+0-30@2
*FvwmIconMan-Taskbar: 2 ButtonGeometry 320x25
*FvwmIconMan-Taskbar: 2 Resolution screen
*FvwmIconMan-Taskbar: 2 PlainButton Up
*FvwmIconMan-Taskbar: 2 Sort none

Style FvwmIconMan-Taskbar TileCascadePlacement

Style "FvwmIconMan-Taskbar*" NoTitle,      \
             BorderWidth 0,   \
             HandleWidth 0,   \
             WindowListSkip,   \
             StaysOnTop,      \

Style FvwmButtons-Panel   WindowListSkip
Style FvwmIconMan     WindowListSkip

Style * NoIcon

# Now, widgets. Hmmmmm widgets.

Style "*" UseDecor DefaultDecor
Style FvwmIconMan-Taskbar !handles
Style "*" Borderwidth 4, HandleWidth 4
Style "*" HilightFore white, HilightBack #c06070

# EwmhBaseStruts [left] [right] [top] [bottom]
EwmhBaseStruts 0 0 0 30

Module FvwmIconMan FvwmIconMan-Taskbar

But the taskbar arrangement looks like this in the bottom left corner of screen 1 (the left screen):

I have 4 windows on screen 1 (A,B,C,D) and one window on screen 2 (E)

When the taskbars are created, the “resolution screen” command seems to work, with the proper windows in the proper taskbars, but as soon as I mouse over a window from screen 2, it is moved to the screen 1 taskbar and the screen 2 taskbar will slow empty out. Why is this happening?

I have not been able to find any documentation for the FvwmIconMan-Taskbar commands. I am using version 2.6.8 with xinerama support. I have checked the man pages, the fvwm.org documentation, and searched the forums.

Thank you.

I forgot to mention the second question: Why does the @2 not work in the ManagerGeometry for the placement of the taskbar? If I do not have the @2 the “resolution screen” command is never correct (before a mouse over).

I got this working with code like this:

XineramaSlsSize 2x1
XineramaSls On
XineramaPrimaryScreen 0
Xinerama On

*FvwmIconMan: NumManagers 2
*FvwmIconMan: Resolution screen
*FvwmIconMan: ButtonGeometry  1100x0
*FvwmIconMan: 1 ManagerGeometry 1x1+0-0@0
*FvwmIconMan: 2 ManagerGeometry 1x1+0-0@1

One confusing issue was that the screen name starts at 0, but the icon manager name starts at 1.