[SOLVED]Opening programs on Different desktops

What I’m trying to do is to get an item from a menu to open on a specific desktop and then in a specific window.

[Desktop 0] || [Desktop 1]
| 0,0 | 0,1 || 0,0 | 0,1 |
| 1,0 | 1,1 || 1,0 | 1,1 |

Sorry for the 3rd Grade attempt at the picture but I hope it makes the point a little easier.

From what I’m able to get is that the application when select from the menu it will open up in the that I am currently at. What I would like to to is for example if I am on [Desktop 0//Window 0,0], I would like to have, let’s say, my browser to open on [Desktop 1//Window 1,0]. I’m sure that the information is in the ManPages and I’ve spent some time digging through them but I’m either missing it, overlooking it, or I’m just not looking in the right place. Googling of course, sends me to the man pages but if I’m not parsing the query right, well you get the idea.

Thank you for any assistance provided.

I believe you want the StartsOnPage style for this, e.g.

style "mybrowser" StartsOnPage 1 1 0

The syntax is in man fvwm

That’s exactly what I was looking to do, thank you very much. I know I needed a “tool but the tool box is pretty damn big” so I had no idea what I was looking for.

As one of my students so eloquently put it,


Thanks again for that assist.