[SOLVED] Pager + Png?

Does FvwmPager support PNG?

I tired to:

... some config here ...
*FvwmPager: DeskPixmap * /home/a16b03/t.png
Module FvwmPager

And in result i got transparent Pager. Pressing on other page didn’t do anything, but moving app worked.

Yes it does. But you probably meant:

*FvwmPager: DeskPixmap $[HOME]/t.png

Adding $[HOME] to your ImagePath wouldn’t hurt, either. If that still fails, try and XPM.

– Thomas Adam

No, that was test png image, that’s why i wrote full path to it.

BTW is ~/ supported?

Sutpid me, i found problem:

I was suposed to use:

Module FvwmPager 0 5


No. FVWM doesn’t expand it, hence why I say to use $[HOME], since that’s something FVWM can expand. The only time ‘~/’ works is when you’re at the shell, so “Exec” and PipeRead, effectively.

– Thomas Adam