[solved]Problems with minimizing Windows


i have some Problems with minimizig Windows under fvwm.

  1. The big one is: when i minimize one xterm i could not maximize it anymore, and all the other xterms on the same display get stuck.

  2. an other thing is that when i minimize the windows, some are on the top and some on
    bottom left corner. can i unify this somehow?

thanks in advance, Toni.

You need to define a binding to do so. For example,

Mouse  1 I A Iconify Off

Will restore a iconified window when clicking over its desktop icon. More on the man page. Search for “bindings” and “context”.

I can’t understand what that means. Please, develop a bit.

Probably your IconBox is too small to hold all your minimized applications. Search the man page for IconBox. The basic syntax is

IconBox left top right bottom

It is just a rectangle where the iconified applications are held. It is defined using a margin on each side, referred to the screen sides.


Is this just on iconify? Are you using FvwmAnimate?

– Thomas Adam

Defauls to the whole screen if one hasn’t been defined.

Better to use a geometry, as per:

starshine.org/xteddy/thomas/fvwm … q.html#cf7

– Thomas Adam


after a little research i found out, that it’s the problem of WindowShade

Mouse 3         4       A       All ($c) WindowShade On

How can i bring the windows up to Maximize again?

thanks, toni.

“$c” doesn’t even make sense. What is it you’re trying to do?

If by that you mean unshade them again, create a binding to a part of a window which does:

WindowShade Off

Or a key-binding, or whatever.

– Thomas Adam

how can i configure this like a switch.

if it’s minimized and i press the button again do

WindowShade Off

If you want to perform multiple actions in a row you should look into defining a function:

DestroyFunc foo
AddToFunc foo
+ C WindowShade Off
+ C Iconify Off
+ C Raise
+ C Focus

Just an example.

Then you just do

Mouse  1 I A foo 

That should unshade, de-iconify, raise and focus a window when you click on its desktop icon.


but what is, if i want to switch the WindowShade On/Off with the same button.

i find it out :laughing:
it’s when i just remove the On/Off in the end of the text:

Mouse 3         4       A       All WindowShade

thanks to all,
(and solved)