[SOLVED] Querying for DesktopName?

I want to build a menu that I can use to move windows to different desks and switch desks, as an alternative to FvwmPager. Is there a way to query my current DesktopName settings to make it easy to have a menu that specifies the desks by their names, such as “Move to ‘Mail’ Desktop”? I could of course simply write the desktop names twice in the file–once for the DesktopName command and once for the AddToMenu command–but that’s what I’m trying to avoid. That way if I change the name of a desktop I can change it just once in the file. Or I suppose I could use environment variables to hold the DesktopNames and then dereference those. Or I could use M4.

In other words I know there are ways to do what I want to do, just wondering if there is a “best” way that I am missing :slight_smile: Thanks. --Omari


– Thomas Adam

That is perfect, thank you.