[Solved]: remove gaps beetween buttons


i’m trying to put some nice pixmaps on windows
but i’ve got about 1 pixels gaps beetween buttons 2,4,6 .
i will try to show you a picture.
is there any commands to collaps them ?

Edit :

ok, finally , i got them.i had to play with ButtonStyle instead of AddButtonStyle and add “+ ButtonStyle All – Flat UseTitleStyle”.
Now i’ve got to understand what i’ve done :laughing:

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i add this question… is there a way to move the button 1 about 2 pixel far from the left border?

Duplicate. You could make an image which has that 2 pixel gap, and use it as the image for the button.

from: fvwm.org/documentation/manpa … e/fvwm.php

it doesn’t speak of buttons resized… what do you suggest?
of course i’ve tried what you suggested before… i put the 2 pixel large image in button one and the miniicon from button 1 to 3… it works but the space is not 2 pixel large (like the image size) but is as large as the button size…

Not to that degree – the “gaps” are fixed, just like the overall button size.

– Thomas Adam

you mean that i can’t put two pixels of space before button 1? :question:
now i leave the button 1 empty and start from button 3… my little problem is that when the window is maximized the miniicon goes out of the screen for about 1-2 pixels because i have an autohide fvwmbuttons on the left that stays for a pixel on the screen…
so… not important… i’m going on and i’m still alive :wink: