[Solved]StartsOnPage trouble with Gaim

I have this in in my fvwm configuration file:

##Startup location Style Gaim StartsOnPage 0 0, SkipMapping Style Eclipse StartsOnPage 2 0, SkipMapping Style Firefox-bin StartsOnPage 4 0, SkipMapping Style Opera StartsOnPage 4 0, SkipMapping Style Thunderbird-bin StartsOnPage 5 0, SkipMapping

Now when I start gaim it ends on page 1 instead of 0… All other applications end on their designated pages except for Gaim…
Did anybody else have this problem or know to solve it?


Maybe it was started there once before and the application is remembering where it should start.

You could try Style Gaim NoPPosition,...

My only other thought is that it may have a different title or class than just Gaim, so you could try xwininfo on it to get the name you need for the style command.

I suppose that was the problem, because when I rebooted everything was working as it should…

Yup – it’s useful for those really annoying programs. Some have claimed it workes for xmms as well – I have found that not to be the case, preferring to use FvwmEvent… :slight_smile:

– Thomas Adam