[solved] Wallpapers and X Error BadValue

I get errors like the following with Fvwm-Crystal:

X Error of failed request: BadValue (integer parameter out of range for operation) Major opcode of failed request: 113 (X_KillClient) Value in failed request: 0x800001 Serial number of failed request: 29 Current serial number in output stream: 35

The only thing I know for sure is they append always during a restart, but never at fvwm first startup.

I modified a recipe by commenting out all the module calls into the recipe and its associated files. Also, StartFunction, RestartFunction and InitFunction do nothing - they are cleared. But I still get this error at restart.

The only things left into the recipe are the styles, the preferences loading, the windows decorations and a menu I can get with bindings. Nice and clean 8)

With htop, it is only 2 fvwm threads left, the main one and the one that load the recipe with FvwmCommandS.

It was a long time ago, Thomas tell me to use ThisWindow, but more I read on this, more I am confused. So, how can I debug this issue further? And how can I be sure I need ThisWindow into a statement or don’t need it?

Edit: I commented out further the recipe and ended with the Wallpaper-Set function. It look like ThisWindows is not needed, because I just replaced habak by xlaodimage, and the warning is gone. I am very happy with that because it mean I can begin to move forward. I guess habak is just too old to work fine with current Xorg.

Oops, I just realize I am upstream for habak :laughing: . But I am not a programmer. In consequence, if someone can provide a patch that fix that bug, I will be happy to apply it and make a new release.

Otherwise, and as both hsetroot and xloadimage are working just fine, I will just keep habak sleeping.