[SOLVED] [XDG .desktop] Problem with app's command

i’ve build a script that list all my .desktop files, parse them and make a fvwm menu file.

but i have problem with the command lines of the desktop files.
there are sometimes some strange character like: %u %F
i found the answer here:
standards.freedesktop.org/deskto … c-1.0.html

but i d’ont know how to handle this…

maybe i don’t understand really well…

if someone know about that stuff help would be welcome

This has been done before – search these forums.

You would have to interpolate those yourself in your own parser.

Waste of time if you ask me.

– Thomas Adam

the problem is that i’ve tried 2,3 scripts but they are based on some menu.xml that hide many apps
i just want to have a menu, pretty usable/handable, which list all my apps

sure i’ve not try everything, but i have not seen what i’m looking for and my script is already in an advanced state,
apart those %u %f %x %y problems i didn’t complain :slight_smile:

i think i don’t understand what really are those context flag, what does it mean to give an url or files list to an app icon launcher???
for example when i’m under kde i open k menu click on text editor kate and kate just open, there is no context, i believe…, and in my menu kate’s command is something like: kate %u %i %bla %bla…
i’ll lost my nerve with this stupid problem !!! :slight_smile:

anyway thanks for the answer

finally i’ve not seen those strange flag under a mime type point of view,
they are usefull in a file manager context.

so i’ve handle them in that sens (replace by blank for most…) and it work pretty good.
stay a problem that many .desktop are apparently made only for a file manager context and handling their command lines
is really a problem at the moment, but it’s another problem :slight_smile: