[SOLVED] Xinerama problems

When i am using 2.6.1 or 2.7.0, no matter i set “Xinerama” to “on” or “off”, there are no difference. fvwm will use both screens for maximizing a window, just like Single Logical Screen.

when i was using 2.5.31, and i set “Xinerama” to “off”, it behaves like above. but when i turn it to “on”, fvwm will recognize these two monitors and works fine ( NOTHING ELSE CHANGED ). Maximizing a window will only fill its current screen, not both screens.

does anyone meet before? any suggestions?

system info:
Arch Linux
xorg-server version: 1.10.1 with Xerinama extension enabled.
FVWM versions: 2.6.1/2.7.0/2.5.31(current)
FVWM configure arguments: “–prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc --libexecdir=/usr/lib --with-stroke-library”
Monitors: LVDSx1, VGAx1

problem solved after i recompile fvwm 2.6.1 and use it instead of the pre-compiled package from arch linux.

That package doesn’t seem to link against libXinerama, hence why compiling it yourself likely fixed it for you.

You should tell this to the maintainer of the Arch package. It seems ridiculous not to include Xinerama as a dependency.

– Thomas Adam

yes, i think so. i’ve reported a bug to arch linux. thanks thomas.