some questions about how could i do these

Hello all, im new here, i was posting in a gentoo forum when i discovered this one :slight_smile:

this is my actual screenshot:

its very simple, i just want to make a small box on the left top and that the thumbnails icons go at its botton.
But when i iconify something, they first go behind the box, in a way i cant see it.
I dont want it go behind, or above, just want it to go after it… how could i do this?

Other question is about the thumbnails can i make them with transparency? i saw some screenshots with it and wonder how to do it :stuck_out_tongue:

There is a program called transset that work with xcompmgr that makes true transparency in any window, anyone know how to setup it default for some window class or something like that?

And the last question, anyone know a good gtktheme manager? I dont like much the default gtk looking :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry for all these questions, but i prefer to do all them at once hehe
If anyone could help me i would be glad :slight_smile:


Change Gtk-Themes:

Greets, Mark