Something wrong wth my shortkeys

There is something wrong with my key bindings. They dont work properly now. It was just fine before. i cant imagine what went wrong, coz, what i did in the meantime was configure the focus (i put ClickToFocus) and install a GTK theme. I mean, nothing like that can interfere in the bindings right?

Doesnt make sense…Any1 know how to work it out?

here is the bindings code:

  • BodyDrop -

You have NumLock or CapsLock, or ScrollLock on. Turn them all off, and see the main FVWM FAQ 0.1

– Thomas Adam

Ohhh, lol, how simple…

its fine now. But i like Num Lock and Caps. They’re gonna conflit with the bindings every time?

As the FAQ says, look at the IgnoreModifiers command in FVWM. :slight_smile:

– Thomas Adam