We’ve had a huge spam outbreak today. Some lowly spambot apparently abused a leak in this version of phpBB-PHP5, I’ll try to upgrade things as soon as bloody possible, but stuff might very well break in the meantime.

Thanks for your understanding


I was wondering about all the new screenshots :wink:

Try not to loose your nerves, the damage isn’t all that bad :slight_smile:

I wonder if there is a possibility to implement a “type in the numbers/letters you see in the picture”- type of thing into the registration?

That’s already in as of november/december, now the admins even need to activate your account… I guess either a spammer slipped by or some account got hijacked :frowning:

[ I’ll be able to look at this more fully when I have proper Internet access ].

For a while now, the registrations have been on an “accept-only” policy in that either myself or Bert has to approve the registrations before that potential user can post. By and large (given the idiotic profile that the spambots put up, such as ‘’) it’s easy to spot spam bots. But not always. :wink:

Hope it wasn’t too much of a pain.