Special style for transient windows

Is there a way, without FvwmEvent which slows a litlle fvwm startup, to specify a Style command only for transient windows ?

Not without using FvwmEvent, no. Note though that it depends what you mean by “style”. Most people complain frequently that transient windows don’t contain their maximize and minimize buttons. There’s usually a good reason for this in that such windows typically aren’t allowed to be resized. However, to keep such people happy the following will apply to that case:

Style * DecorateTransient, NoFuncHint, NoDecorHint

If it’s anything else, such as a different colourset, then you will have to use FvwmEvent.

– Thomas Adam

Actually, I want transient windows to have title bar, but others not. I’ll then use FvwmEvent. In case someone’s interrested, the code for this is:

[code]DetroyFunc TitleIfTransient
AddToFunc TitleIfTransient

  • I ThisWindow (Transient) WindowStyle !NoTitle

module FvwmEvent
*FvwmEvent: Cmd
*FvwmEvent: add_window TitleIfTransient

Have a look at DecorateTransient then.

From the man: “DecorateTransient causes transient windows, which are normally left undecorated, to be given the usual fvwm decorations (title bar, buttons, etc.).”

Quite an old option which I used in my twm config. However, it cannot apply here since it gives the style of non-transient windows to transient windows, but in my config, non-transient windows have neither titlebar nor borders, and I want transient windows to have one.

You’re confusing me. You must surely have this:

Style * !Title, DecorateTransient, NoFunHint, NoDecorHint

– Thomas Adam

I have (among others)

Style * NoTitle,DecorateTransient

(did not know NoFuncHint, NoDecorHint but seems to be when Mwm stuff is used).

So what’s the problem?

– Thomas Adam

No problem. I just wanted to know wether I could have a special style for transient windows, byt without FvwmEvent

I see. The answer is still: “no”.

– Thomas Adam