Stacking images on a FvwmButton

Hello to everyone,

I’ve been using Fvwm for a few weeks and I really enjoy it. I’m in the process of creating my own configuration(, and I got a few questions.

  • Is it possible to stack several images on a FvwmButton ? Let’s say I create some kind of bar with a pixmap background. I’d like to know if it’s possible then to stack some other images anywhere on that bar. If you look at the screenshot, you should see this kind of bar on the top-right corner. Every icon there is a different button. I had to slice it to get the result I wanted, but there’s surely a better way to do this like drawing first the bar, then adding icons.

  • Is it possible to write text on the pixmap background of a FvwmButton ?

Sorry for the silly questions,


Use a container for this – that’s a FvwmButtons in a FvwmButtons. See the FvwmButtons manpage.


– Thomas Adam

Thanks a lot for the fast answer !
That’s a pity about the text. I’ll look for containers.

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