stalonetray does not show icon

I’m new user of fvwm. I’ve installed stalonetray and make panel:
Style “MyTray” NoTitle, !Handles, !Borders, Styky, WindowListSkip, \
CirculateSkip, StaysOnBottom, FixedPosition, FixedSize, !Iconifiable
DestroyModuleConfig MyTray: *
*MyTray: Geometry 160x40+190+10
*MyTray: Colorset 9
*MyTray: Rows 5
*MyTray: Columns 1
*MyTray: (Swallow stalonetray Exec exec stalonetray -geometry -3000-3000 &)

Panel appears but when I start nm-aplet or skype there is no icon in tray. The same code works with xclocks for example.
Please correct my code above, I hope that the problem with my code.

Nothing to do with FVWM.

I do not understand. Do you know how to correct the problem?

If you start stalonetray normally, not from within an FvwmButtons panel, does the problem still reproduce itself?

Yes, it work normal, the icon of nm-applet appears. Therefore there is problem in my code above?

Can you confirm that stalonetray has actually been swallowed successfully by the panel? Looking in your code (-geometry -3000-3000), if the swallow did fails, then you might not even know. Stalonetray might instead appear at -3000,-3000, not on the visible desktop at all.

When you start that panel, any errors showing up in ~/.xsession-errors?

If the swallow is failing, then try a larger button/panel - trial and error. You might also add lines like :-

*MyTray: Padding 0 0 *MyTray: Frame 0

First, if I try that stalonetray command in a terminal, it fails. It seems to be fussy with negative geometry specifiers, I know not why.

Second, your Swallow command may need to specify the button size. For example…

 *MyTray: (1x5, Swallow stalonetray `Exec exec stalonetray -geometry +3000+3000`) 

With that change, it now works.

Thank you. Now it works and skype too. I added Padding, Frame and change geometry. The icon appears in the center if panel. Is it possible to make panel which will change the size according to number of icons?

I’m not sure. I don’t think so. But you can still make it aesthetic.

What I used to do was open stalonetray with “-geometry 5x1”, such that it had room for 5 notification icons. My panel would contain a button that fitted my stalonetray exactly. But stalonetray also has a stack of options, including how to change its background color. Such that if the background color of stalonetray and the panel are matched exactly, then stalonetray becomes less obvious.

Haven’t used stalonetray much lately. Hope that helps.

It’s possible, yes. But is that what you mean?

I mean that if at beginning the only nm-applet startet and panel of stalone has size exactly for one icon of nm. If later I started skype for example then the panel of stalone has size of two icons - nm and skype and so on. But I have static size of panel.

Maybe this will help.

I am able to get stalonetray to work nicely if I control its size. That example includes a copy of my .stalonetrayrc file.

Thank you for reference, it is nice. One question about this axample. In the example used rigid size of screen, width = 1200 and everything were calculated using this number. May I define some way variable, for example, width.screen and assign it 1200 and the use width.screen instead number 1200? It is good as I will change screen for anothe resolution.

Look at the default-config for an example of this. You can also find it here

One thing to note is Fvwm doesn’t provide ways to do math so you have to use PipeRead and let the shell or some script compute the sizes of everything for you.

My suggestion is most people don’t really need to have a variable sized panel, and it is easier to build one with a static size.

Thank you it is really what I need.