Stalonetray hangs

I’m running Ubuntu 12.04 on a Dell E6520, with the latest version of fvwm, and have installed stalonetray version 8, the usual way. I’ve copied the .stalonetrayrc example file that came with the download. But stalonetray hangs when I start it up from the command line. If I start it up with a geometry flag, all I get is a gray box. (I want to use it with nm-applet.)

Can anybody advise please?


What happens if you rename .stalonetrayrc and run stalonetray like this:

stalonetray -d all --grow-gravity SE --kludges fix_window_pos,force_icons_size,use_icons_hints --background=black

also, open FvwmConsole and type before starting stalonetray

Style stalonetray EWMHUseStackingOrderHints

You can log stalonetray infos into a logfile, too. Extend stalonetray call with this:

--log-level info 2> $FVWM_USERDIR/.systray.log