Start FvwmPagers on specific monitors

I have a dual monitor setup and running fvwm3 1.0.4.

xrandr --listmonitors:

0: +*HDMI1 1920/530x1080/300+0+0  HDMI1
1: +VGA1 1920/530x1080/300+1920+0  VGA1

I have two FvwmPagers configured with these options:

*HdmiPager: Monitor HDMI1

*VgaPager: Monitor VGA1

and this option in the config

DesktopConfiguration shared

have also used the per-monitor configuration; currently testing to see which one I prefer.

If I start the FvwmPagers with “Module FvwmPager HdmiPager 0 3” and “Module FvwmPager VgaPager 0 3” everything works and I get two pagers on the main HDMI1 monitor properly showing the windows on the assigned monitor.

What I would like to accomplish, but have yet to find any information or how-to, is have VgaPager on the VGA1 monitor.

Is that possible?


Figured it out. Just had to use the geometry specification for FvwmPager.

Ended up with:

DesktopConfiguration per-monitor
*HdmiPager: Geometry +12+24
*HdmiPager: Monitor HDMI1


*VgaPager: Geometry +1932+24
*VgaPager: Monitor VGA1

Everything working like I want it.

DesktopConfiguration shared

Wasn’t really working with FvwmPager.

Screenshot or it didn’t happen :smiley_cat:

There is also the StartsOnScreen style to configure what screen an application starts on.

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Will give that a try. StartsOnScreen will also be handy for some applications - like deadbeef.