starting an application (or particular window) off screen

What is the best way to start either an application or a particular window of an application off the screen?

I know FvwmButtons has the -g switch so you can start an any particular geometry. Would I need to swallow the window into a button, or does Fvwm provide another method.

Depends by where you mean “off-screen”. Although:

Pick Move -2000 -2000

if you wanted that automatically, you could use:

DestroyModuleConfig FE-Move:*
*FE-Move: add_window "ThisWindow (some_name) Move -2000 -2000"

Module FvwmEvent FE-Move

If you were using the CVS version of FVWM, there is now the PositionPlacement style command (see a post on this in the News section).

– Thomas Adam

I added such a line to my FvwmEvent function and all seems to be working well.

The PositionPlacement style sounds great. Will this be in the next release? I’m not a huge fan of running CVS code.

Thanks Thomas!

Yes, it will.

– Thomas Adam