starting apps with given geometry


I would like to start, say, firefox with a given geometry, preferably something like -geometry 40x100+0+0, but -geometry +0+0 would be OK. It doesn’t work. Is there anyway around this. I would also like to do this with other apps like acrobat.

Thanks in advance




(As well as numerous other references by me on this subject on these forums – just search for firefox.)

– Thomas Adam

Thanks Thomasadam, PositionPlacement is just what I need. I’m running an older version of fvwm2 (I think 2.4.18) and I’ll upgrade soon. This is not a big issue with me so I’ll wait until it’s in the upgrade.

By the way, how does one mark a thread solved?


FVWM 2.5.22 is about to be released as the latest unstable which will have PositionPlacement in it. You should really use this version when it’s released.

Just edit your original post, and amend the subject line.

– Thomas Adam