Starting xscreensaver

Having tried to change the window manager for gnome from metacity to fvwm and having all the panels crash out and not being able to get my old sessions back I seem to have found myself running FVWM as my single wm sooner than I thought :laughing:

I am playing with a couple of configs and will ultimately want to roll my own but for now I am struggling with all the basics.

First thing I don’t understand is the best way to start xscreensaver - I assume was doing this itself because there is no init.d for it. What file should I put the xscreensaver & exec command in and how should I initialise it?

I hope you guys can help me get over the initial learning phases of this - it is pretty intimidating I must say but I have had some good success so far.

The first and most important priority is getting a solid and fast environment in which I can run my terminals and vmware - especially for a presentation on Tuesday.

Thanks in advance

I’m not sure there is any best way to do things, but I do it in my StartFunction:

AddToFunc StartFunction  I     Test (Init) Exec exec xscreensaver

Thank you! Perfect :slight_smile: