Starup guide for newbie


I just start to use fvwm. I wanna know what document should I read to get start for simple question such as:

  1. How I remove the ‘xterm’ item in my default menu and replace it with another terminal program I prefer.

  2. Why alt-tab does not work? the FAQ say it should work by default. What should I check?

Thanks in advance.


See the “Things to Read” thread:


As for question 1., you would simply write your own menu definition and bind it to a mouse – again, see the link above.

As for question 2., you need to turn off numlock – although I wonder given your simple questions, whether it is in fact working, but you have some odd expectations of how it should work – which aren’t being fulfilled.

– Thomas Adam

Thanks for the reply. I go to ready the link.

annotation: the wiki can be forund here:

the best ressource imho is…the forums search, the fvwm manpage and of course the postings of Thomas