Status update: reflecting on the past month

This forum has been announced about a month ago (a little less than a mont actually), so I thought it was time for a little looking back at what has been achieved…

We now have 65 members who have posted at total of 160 messages, most of them were posted to the “Basic questions” forum.

We have a lot of guests passing by daily, but as I don’t have a counter I can’t say exactly how many hits we have daily or have had throughout the entire period.

While I’m at it I might as well make a little wishlist, what I’d like to see:
[]More members (everybody is always welcome!)
:m][]More Fvwm gurus
:m][]More Fvwm scripters (though this and the previous point mostly go hand in hand :wink:
:m][]And more activity! (Boo-yeah!)[/:m][/list:u]
Well I guess most things on my list are pretty obvious and I expect a lot of them to come automatically as the Forums gets older, but hey, it doesn’t hurt to write them down ( I hope…:wink: )