Strange apperarance

I cannot understand this: when I start fvwm for the firts time (I log in) I see my menu in colors, different to those which are shown when I restart fvwm (from its menu). I want colors which are used after the restart.
PS The same is with the Banner
My fvwmrc is here:

Can you provide a screenshot — and maybe check ~/.xsession-errors for any messages?

– Thomas Adam

first is the menu before restart
second is after restart, it’s what i want.

No FVWM-related errors in ~/.xsession-errors

Hi polachok,

I think you should change the following in your menu style

As you uncomment colorset 7, you forgot to change the colorset number in your menu style. In this case fvwm takes the defaults.

Why this changed after restart I can’t imagine :confused:

About errors:

You can set the following line in your .xinitrc to log fvwm errors:



Thank you TF, now everything is right.

Because of the way the menus are structured in memory, along with parsing the configuration file. As for colour defaults in menus, they don’t “default” to anything. The menu definition was already destructive via the colorset used. (In cases though where menustyles have not been setup, then as default colour of grey and black is used.)

– Thomas Adam

Ok, thanks for the explanation :slight_smile:

Best Regards,